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Endless - Race Brake Pads

The pad compounds listed below are intended for race applications. While some of the materials listed do work from cold, we do not recommend using any of the materials listed below for street use due to the possibility of increased levels of noise and, in some cases, increased disc/rotor wear at low operating temperatures. Compounds are ascending order - starting with the lowest friction / lowest temp range and moving to the highest friction / temp range. We highly recommend that track day customers read the following article to learn more about the recommended brake upgrades for different levels of track day use – click here.

Endless (Japan) is a high-end race pad manufacturer who's products are regarded world-wide to be of the very best that money can buy. Endless race pads are used by leading GT, Touring Car, Endurance, Rally, Rally-Raid and Formula car teams around the globe. The Endless customer list includes a large number of Le Mans GT teams (including class winners Risi Competizione and many others), Endurance teams (including Manthey Racing), BTCC teams (including BMW Team UK), WTCC teams, PWRC / WRC teams (including BP Ford Abu Dhabi) and Dakar teams (VW and MINI) to name a few. While Endless race pads are expensive, the performance, wear life and disc-friendly characteristics offered by Endless race pads have earned them a very strong following in high-level performance and race circles around the world. We regularly see Endless race pads outlasting competitive race pads by 2 or 3 times, which offsets the purchase price considerably. They are also very kind to discs at high temps, which further helps to reduce long-term running costs. Powerbrake is the sole distributor for Endless race pads in Southern Africa.

Endless S55G Compound

Ideal for use on production-based race cars that run OE brake boosters. S55G is a medium friction sprint race compound that offers good initial response and excellent modulation. S55G enables drivers to use high levels of pedal pressure without premature wheel lockup. A good choice for light to medium weight race cars and circuits with low to medium top speeds. Can be used for fast-road or track use, although some brake squeal may be experienced under street driving conditions.

Endless ME22 Compound

ME22 was developed from the ME20 base compound for sprint race and rally applications. The material offers an average friction co-efficient about 15% higher than S55G but slightly lower than ME20. The ME22 compound exhibits a flat predictable torque curve for optimum modulation. The compound offers a very good pedal feel with good initial bite. ME22 will suite drivers that prefer to use relatively high pedal pressures while maintaining good control and modulation. ME22 has a good heat range with brake performance and pedal feel remaining superb even at disc temps of 550-700 deg C. The material works from cold and reaches its optimum working temperature after just a few brake applications. A good choice for light to medium weight race cars that run OE brake boosters. Can be used for fast-road or track use, although some brake squeal may be experienced under street driving conditions.

Endless ME20 Compound

Possibly the most versatile race compound in the Endless range, ME20 was originally developed for BTCC Super Touring Cars but its characteristics make it an ideal choice for a wide range of sprint race and rally applications. ME20 is currently Powerbrake's top selling sprint race compound for production-based race cars. It is also often our first recommendation for rally / rally-raid applications. ME20 offers an increase in initial bite, friction co-efficient and heat range over ME22. Pedal feel, modulation and consistency are excellent even at temperatures in excess of 650 deg C. Pad wear life is very good and the material also exhibits very low disc wear. Performance is good from cold and the compound reaches its optimum temp range just 100 deg above ME22. ME20 can be used with our without a brake booster depending on driver preference. The material remains very consistent in both wet and dry conditions. Used in Bridgestone Production Cars, VW Challenge A-Class, Silver Cup, Super Saloons, Modified Production Cars, Super Hatch, BTCC, WTCC, PWRC, International Rally, etc. Endless ME20 is also our most popular track day compound. Can be used for fast-road or track use, although some brake squeal may be experienced under street driving conditions.

Endless N35S Compound

N35S is one of Endless's most popular circuit race and rally compounds. Used extensively in high-level motor sport world-wide, N35S offers a step up in initial bite and friction co-efficient over ME20. It has a slightly progressive torque curve but maintains very good modulation in spite of its high torque output. Lockup tendencies are low and the material allows the drivers to initiate braking with very light application of the pedal and then transition quickly into hard braking with high pedal pressure if required - all while maintaining excellent control and modulation. The material also remains very consistent in both wet and dry conditions, which makes it a good choice for many rally applications. It has been used very successfully in WRC on both tarmac and gravel stages. N35S has a very good heat range with a max operating temp of 800 deg C. Pad and disc wear characteristics are excellent for a sprint race pad. If a team is looking for a step up from ME20 but wants to maintain the excellent modulation, consistency and wear life then N35S is the right choice. Used in Bridgestone Production Cars, Altech GT Challenge, FIA GT Car, WRC and International Rally etc.

Endless PC35 Compound

Developed from the N35S base compound, PC35 offers similar levels of average friction co-efficient as N35S. The key difference is in the pedal feel, which will be considerably firmer with the PC35 than with N35S. This results in a quicker brake response and a stronger initial bite. PC35 will also offer slightly more heat range / fade resistance as well as slightly better wear life than N35S. This material does however take a little longer to bed-in than N35S and can be a bit more difficult to modulate, especially in wet conditions. Used in SA Rally and ABSA off-road racing as well as being very popular for international Rally and Rally-Raid events including Dakar.

Endless N05U Compound

N05U falls between N35S and N05S in terms Initial bite and friction co-efficient. The material exhibits very stable performance at high temperatures and under high brake loads with quick, sharp and responsive braking force. Pad and disc wear characteristics are excellent as with N35S. Used in Wesbank V8 Supercars and Bridgestone Production Cars in South Africa as well as WRC, FIA GT, PWRC and International Rally. Also very popular for Porsche cup cars with a Sprint Race focus.

Endless N05S Compound

N05S is a compound with a very strong initial bite and exceptional response. It is a substantial step up from N35S in terms of bite and friction levels. It has a fairly flat torque curve meaning that the transition from initial bite and maximum brake torque is quite predictable in spite of very high friction co-efficient. Very strong deceleration can be achieved with just 15-bar line pressure and this material requires fairly low pedal pressures even when braking from very high speeds. Modulation is still very good in spite of the high levels of bite and friction. The very high levels of bite and friction result in the driver being able to stay on the brake pedal for shorter periods of time in order to achieve the necessary deceleration. This compound is recommended for high-speed circuits on cars that have very good traction and downforce. As with other Endless race compounds in this range pad and disc wear are very good and brake performance remains very consistent in both wet and dry conditions. Used in Wesbank V8 Supercars and Bridgestone Production Cars in South Africa as well as WRC, FIA GT, PWRC and International Rally. Also very popular for Porsche cup cars with a Sprint Race focus.

Endless N30C Compound

N30C offers the highest friction co-efficient of all Endless N-Series race pads. With a friction co-efficient approx. 20% higher than N35S, it is ideally suited to drivers looking for very high friction levels. The down side is that it does wear a bit quicker than N35S and PC35. Has been used in Rally and Rally-Raid applications where driver prefers very strong bite and high friction.

Endless W003 Compound

A new generation Endless compound developed for sprint racing applications where very high brake temperatures are reached. The W003 compound offers slightly stronger initial bite and friction levels wen compared to the popular N35S compound but is manufactured using new production technology that results in even better fade resistance and lower wear rate than the N##S series materials. In addition to this W003 offers the best modulation characteristics of the entire endless sprint compound series. While the materials and production processes used in the making of W003 are very expensive, Powerbrake are of the opinion that W003 is currently the leading all-round sprint race compound on the world market in terms of performance, wear rate and fade resistance. Used in Altech GT Challenge and Bridgestone Production Cars in SA and numerous circuit race, rally and rally-raid applications world-wide.

Endless S41S Compound

The Endless S41S compound is designed for race applications in which very high sustained brake temperatures (in excess of 500 - 550 deg C) are experienced. Friction levels are similar to the Endless W003 compound (above). The difference lies in the fact that S41S will offer even better fade resistance and pedal feel at extreme brake temperatures. The S41S compound will wear slightly quicker than W003 but not by a large margin. Another important point for consideration is that the S41S compound is more cost effective to manufacture and therefore has a lower selling price than the W003 material. The W003 material will have some advantages at lower brake temperatures but if your application results in sustained high temperature use, then S41S is a good choice. Used in GT, Touring Car, Production Car and Rally applications in cases where extreme brake temperatures are expected.

Endless S58O Compound

The S58O compound is best suited to light - medium weight race cars with high levels of downforce and grip. The compound has an extremely strong initial bite and high friction co-efficient (approx. 30% higher than N35S). Good for high-grip race applications that can withstand very high deceleration rates. This compound allows the driver to scrub off speed ver quickly with fairly low pedal pressure, resulting in reduced time on the brakes. Even under such extreme operating conditions, S58O remains kind to disks. The focus is on offering an ultra-high friction sprint pad that remains controllable and does not not accelerate disk wear. Excellent for cars and circuits with a high focus on straight-line deceleration and maximum outright stopping power. Popular in Super GT, FIA Racing, and various other GT Categories. Also used in some extreme rally applications where drivers want very high initial bite.

Endless S33O Compound

The Endless S33O race compound is designed specifically for mid to heavyweight cars that see extreme brake temperatures, brake loads and wear. The S33O compound offers very strong bite and very high sustained friction levels, matched to class leading wear life and fade resistance. Fade resistance at extreme temperatures is better than that of the S58O compound (above). Wear life is also better than S58O. So, while S58O has a slightly higher initial bite on light - medium weight race cars, S33O will offer a little less bite but better fade resistance and consistency on medium - heavyweight race cars. Modulation remains good in spite of the extremely high friction levels. S33O is significantly kinder to discs than many of its competitors on the world market. Used successfully in WTCC, Heavy GT cars, Production Cars, Rally-Raid and Dakar Rally. Recommended for cars with very high levels of grip.

Endless W008 Compound (For use with Carbon Ceramic Discs)

OEM Brake pads for the Brembo S.G.L CCM, Porsche PCCB, Nissan NCCB system have been deemed to have certain weakpoints in pad feel, wear, and temperature resistance. The W008 was born from the W007 compound and can be used for street and track day use. This pad has good heat resistance, pad wear, fade resistance and pedal feel is much better than OEM CCM pads. This pad requires the use of OEM anti-noise shims.

Endless W007 Compound (For use with Carbon Ceramic Discs)

For circuit use only. Designed specifically for use with Brembo S.G.L CCM (Carbon Ceramic Matrix), Porsche PCCB, and Nissan GT-R Spec V (NCCB) disks. This brake compound has very good fade resistance and yet is very kind towards Carbon Ceramic disks (as long as the CCM discs are not run to temps over 600 deg C. Development and testing was done on the Nurburgring circuit. We do however recommend the use of thermo-paint applied to the brake discs as this brake pad has such high fade resistance that it is possible to run OEM CCM brake discs beyond their max heat range, which can lead to oxidation and accelerated wear of the CCM discs.