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Crossover Street / Track day Brake Pads

At Powerbrake we define a crossover pad as: A compound that can be used for high performance street and entry-level track day use in the front calipers on light-medium weight cars and fitted at the rear for intermediate and advanced track day use in a wide variety of cars. We define entry-level track day use as: No more than 6 laps per session with a standard (unmodified) road car of light–medium weight, running on street tyres.

In other words, crossover pads are intended for enthusiasts that are just getting into track day events and are looking for a pad compound that they can use for both street and entry-level track day use. Please click here to read more about the recommended brake upgrades for different levels of track day use.

Endless MX72

  • Optimum heat range: 0-700 deg C
  • Friction co-efficient: 0,52 - 0,55
  • Recommended tyres: High-performance street
  • Pad life: Very good
  • Disc wear: Low
  • Brake dust: Low - medium
  • NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) Low
  • Suitable for street use: Yes
  • Suitable for track day use: Entry-level track day use only (with street tyres)

Endless MX72 is a ceramic-carbon-metal compound designed to deliver strong stopping power, extreme fade resistance and very good pad life as well as low noise, low dust output and low disc abrasion. MX72 has a fairly smooth but positive initial bite. Endless specifically engineered this characteristic to reduce the occurrence of premature wheel lockup and unwanted ABS intervention when running street tyres. MX72 has an optimal temperature range of 50-700 deg C, which makes it ideal for use on cars that are used for both high-performance street as well as entry-level to intermediate track day use (i.e. less than 7 laps per session with a standard car running on street tyres). Brake response and modulation is excellent, even at speeds in excess of 200km/h. Pad wear life is unmatched in this dual-purpose role and MX72 is particularly kind to discs at high operating temperatures. Drivers of heavy / powerful (high-inertia) cars will find MX72 to be an excellent choice for high-performance street use. The MX72 compound exhibits very low compressibility resulting in a very good pedal feel. Powerbrake is of the opinion that MX72 is the best dual-purpose, street / light track pad currently available on the market.