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GT Series - Standard Size Brake Discs

Benefits at a glance

  • Maximum resistance to distortion (warping), cracking and surface crazing.
  • Reduced pad-glazing resulting in improved brake response.
  • Substantial reduction of brake fade caused by ‘outgassing’.
  • Reduced stopping distances (particularly when braking from high speeds or following a number of consecutive brake applications).
  • Improved brake consistency under spirited driving conditions or when carrying heavy loads or towing.
  • Reduced disc scoring.
  • More uniform pad wear.
  • Improved wet weather braking.
  • Increased wear life in high-use applications.

Our GT Series discs are subjected to proprietary stress-relieving processes during manufacture, which result in class-leading wear life and stability in high temperature and heavy-duty applications.

While our GT discs are by no means indestructible, extensive testing has shown substantial reductions in distortion, cracking and surface crazing over competitive products. In addition to this improved resistance to thermal shock, our GT discs have shown increases in wear life of up to 300% over standard OE and aftermarket discs in back to back testing.

In addition to many thousands of happy street users, Powerbrake GT Series discs have been used very successfully in production car race applications in race series where the rules do not allow teams to fit big brake kits. When matched to proper competition pads, our GT discs can be used for entry-level and intermediate track day applications as well.

The reverse-slot pattern, machined into the friction surfaces of the discs, vents away friction gasses (formed when the resins in friction materials evaporate at high disc temperatures), debris and water to ensure optimum brake performance in both wet and dry conditions. The gentle scrubbing action of the slots continually de-glazes brake pad friction material ensuring that initial brake response is always positive and confidence inspiring. This scrubbing action also results in more uniform pad wear, which in turn maximizes contact area between friction material and disc. Our slots are off-set inboard/outboard to reduce unwanted brake harmonics, hereby ensuring the quietest possible operation for a performance disc design.

Our GT Series discs are machined to industry leading tolerances (up to three times tighter than the industry norm). Each disc is then balanced to ensure smooth braking and eliminate vibration. In addition to this, each disc features our MTR (Max Temp Recording) system that records peak disc temperatures, providing valuable feedback to both the vehicle owner and/or fitter with regards to brake function, pad selection and possible diagnosis of other system related brake problems.

At Powerbrake we carefuly measure all critical dimensions on every single GT Series disc that leaves the production line prior to packaging and shipment. Measuring is performed using equipment capable of measuring accurately in increments of 0.005mm (5 microns). We will never ship a disc that has unacceptable run-out or disc thickness variation (DTV) values - period! This 100% measurement policy is extremely rare among disc manufacturers today. Most manufacturers settle for batch testing, which involves the measurement of a certain number of discs from each production batch. That simply doesn’t cut it at Powerbrake. When you fit a Powerbrake disc to your car, you do so knowing that it is was running perfectly true when it left the factory. We can say this with confidence because it was precisely measured prior to shipping. If it was not perfect, it would never have left the factory!

All Powerbrake GT discs are coated with our proprietary silver 'dry' coating that requires no removal or preparation prior to fitment. Our dry coating eliminates the use of oil-based coatings that are used by most aftermarket disc manufacturers. These oil based coatings are seldom properly removed prior to fitment and as a result they contaminate brake pads and negatively effect brake performance. Our coating is heat rated to over 700 deg C and ensures that your discs are easy to install, offer optimum brake performance from the outset and remain looking good behind open pattern wheels.

Powerbrake GT Series discs feature our MTR (Max Temp Recording) system. Applied to the outside diameter of each disc, these thermal paint tabs change colour at different temperature levels. This provides a permanent record of the maximum operating temperature reached by the disc. This feature provides data that can be very valuable when choosing the correct pad compound to suite your driving style or application. The data can also be very useful if it is ever necessary to diagnose brake any related issues on your car.

Finally, all GT Series discs feature our Wear Watch system, which consists of two parallel lines (approximately 2mm wide and 10mm long) that are machined into the outboard friction surface of the disc. These lines are normally visible by looking directly through the wheel spokes. The line closest to the outside diameter is machined to precisely 0.2mm shallow of the disc’s minimum thickness. The line closest to the inside diameter is machined to the minimum thickness. Inspecting disc wear couldn’t get any simpler. When you can see only one line it’s time to book your car in to have the disc replaced. When both of the Wear Watch lines disappear your disc has reached minimum thickness and needs replacing. Convenient, simple and safe!

Whether you are a performance enthusiast, take part in the occasional track day, race in a series that prohibits big brake kits or are just looking to upgrade the performance of your brake system for improved safety or durability, you should seriously consider fitting a Powerbrake GT Series matched disc/pad kit. Our GT Series kits are available for a massive range of over 500 vehicle models, including many rare, hard-to-find references.