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Why a matched disc / pad upgrade kit?

GT Series Matched Disc/Pad Kit

There is a real misconception in the market that you can simply take any high-friction brake pad, run it on any aftermarket brake disc and you will be upgrading your brakes. Likewise we regularly come across people that believe that simply cutting some slots or drilling some holes into any OEM or aftermarket disc (rotor) will improve brake performance. It simply doesn’t work that way. In order to stop a car quicker you need more friction. More friction = more heat and more heat can lead to a number of negatives if the components being used are not designed to operate reliably at these higher temperatures. The higher disc temperatures generated by many high-friction brake pads can damage standard aftermarket or original equipment (OE) discs, leading to disc distortion, surface crazing or cracking. In other words: running high-friction pads on discs that cannot handle the extra heat is not a solution. Cutting slots or drilling holes into cheap aftermarket discs or OE discs is not the answer either.

The cast-iron alloy that a disc is cast from, as well as the manner in which it is stress-relieved and machined is what gives a high performance disc the ability to operate for sustained periods at elevated temperatures. While conservative slotting of the friction face of a quality disc can have numerous technical benefits, cutting slots into a cheap disc that has been cast from a low-grade alloy, is machined to poor tolerances or has not been properly stress relieved will not result in a high-performance brake rotor - period. Doing this can be likened to applying race car graphics to a standard road car in and thinking it will yield the same lap times as a properly engineered race car. Finally, running a cheap aftermarket brake pad on a proper high performance disc won’t work either. This could be compared to using cheap, re-cycled engine oil in a blueprinted race-spec motor and wondering why the motor doesn’t last.

The secret to outstanding brake performance is matching a high quality disc alloy / design, that has been properly stress-relieved, to ultra-tight machining tolerances and a high-performance pad compound that has been selected and tested to perform optimally at the disc temperatures generated by a particular driving style and application.

At Powerbrake we spend countless hours testing different disc and pad combinations using state of the art brake dyno’s as well as conducting continuous on-car road and track testing using sophisticated data-logging equipment. We then select the most suitable pad compounds from the world’s leading high performance and race pad manufacturers and combine them with our proprietary disc alloys and designs in a matched brake upgrade kit. In other words, our matched kits contain components that have been tailored to the vehicle application in question. Of course different owners of the same vehicle model may have very different driving styles and for this reason we offer different categories of upgrade kits for many popular vehicles. No matter what you drive or how you drive, there is a good chance that we have an upgrade kit that has been specifically developed to maximize the performance and durability of the brakes on your car.